Best WiFi Range Extenders of 2017

You might not want to make holes in wall to put LAN wires and it could make your home or office ugly. WiFi extenders are simplest way to increase the WiFi range around the home. You could buy powerful processor and high speed device to use it for any high quality use like for streaming or for Gaming. Or you could buy less expensive small extender to use it for smart phone or other casual use. Below are some of best WiFi extenders.

 NamePrice ComparisonSpeedProcessor Power Rating

Securifi Almond Extender
Securifi Almond Touch Extender$$ Check Price300 Mbps

AC1900 Extender
NETGEAR AC1900 Extender$$$ Check Price1.9 Gbps

 AC1200 Wall Extender
NETGEAR AC1200 Wall Extender$$ Check Price1.2 Gbps

Amped High Power Dual Band WiFi Extender
Amped High Power WiFi Extender$$$ Check Price1.2 Gbps

NETGEAR n300 Wall Extende
NETGEAR n300 Wall Extender$ Check Price300 Mbps

Securifi Almond Touch Wireless Router & Range Extender

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Securifi Almond extender is the touch screen router that you could use to extend your WiFi signal or can use as router and access point. You could setup easily with touch screen without opening setting at PC browser. Can take it where you want and setup withing a minute. It have speed upto 300 Mbps.
Highlighted Features

  • Touch screen to setup easily.
  • Can be use as router.
  • Support 300Mbps+.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Extender

Buy from netgear nighthawk ac1900 desktop wifi range extender
This is another extender if you want to use it for high speed purpose. This extender can extend your WiFi router single and can give speed upto 1.9 Gbps. You could use it for office purpose or for any use that need high speed. You can buy low speed extender with less price from store page.
Highlighted Features

  • High power processor to provide lag free internet.
  • Support 1.9 Gbps+.
  • High range with three antennas.

NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

Buy from netgear ac1200 wifi extender
This is small WiFi extender device with speed almost upto 1.2Gps. The good thing about this device is that its small and can hang it any electric switch. And it have 1.2 Gbps support that means you could use it for Play Station or other high quality device. They have less speed model that is below and can buy with less price.
Highlighted Features

  • Can place everywhere in electric switch.
  • Support speed 1.2Gbps.
  • 2 antennas for good range.

Amped High Power Dual Band AC WiFi Range Extender

Buy from amped high power dual band ac wifi range extender
This is high end extender with great strength antennas and it have a powerful processor that means you could use it for lag free gaming and HQ streaming. You could buy it if you want to use in big place to give WiFi signal and could use many devices with just this single WiFi extender.
Highlighted Features

  • High power processor to support high quality support.
  • Long range extender.
  • Support 1.2 Gbps.

NETGEAR N300 Wall Plug Version WiFi Extender

Buy from netgear n300 wall plug version wifi extender
This is another wall switch hanging version with less speed. It support upto 300Mbps and can use for casual use like smart phone or etc. It can be use for other devices like for gaming but not for high quality game that require lot of speed without any distraction.
Highlighted Features

  • Cheap device for casual use.
  • Can place in any electric switch.
  • Support speed for 300 Mbps.

WiFi extenders are useful if you want to extend the WiFi signal to use internet around your place simply. You could buy high end extender if you want to use it for gaming or any device that require stream less internet or buy any small extender that you could use for office or smart phone use.